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Two Egg, Florida: The Downtown Historic District
by Dale Cox

The community is actually much older than its name. Well
before the Great Depression, the Allison Brothers operated a
sawmill and store here. They established the village as a
center for their operations. The saws of the mill could be heard
here daily, cutting the longleaf pine timber of eastern Jackson
County into thousands of board feet of lumber.

For information on the origin of the Two Egg name, please visit
our special
"History of Two Egg, Florida" section.

district that included two stores, homes and a few other small
businesses. The two stores remain today. One, the Pittman
store, remained in business into the 1980s. The other, the
Lawrence store, operated until after the year 2,000. Both,
however, are closed today.

Even though they are no longer open, the weathered buildings
offer a chance to step back in time for a few minutes and walk
the crossroads of historic Two Egg. There are no markers or
interpretive signs at present, but efforts are underway to place
a marker at the crossroads.

Before the Lawrence Store closed a few years ago, it was a
popular stopping point for visitors to Two Egg and served as
the community's "unofficial" welcome center. A steady stream
of travelers stopped by the store after seeing the "Two Egg"
highway signs. They usually left with souvenirs, a good dose
of Southern hospitality and a better understanding of how
Florida's most unique community came to exist.

Sadly, May of 2010 saw the destruction of part of downtown
Two Egg. The State of Florida's environmental agency directed
the demolition of the historic Pittman store to clean up a
decades old gas tank.
Please click here to learn more about
the demolition and see photos of the destruction in progress.

The only souvenirs available in Two Egg today are pictures,
but rarely a day passes that someone isn't seen snapping a
photo of the old stores or posing by the road sign. It is a true
bit of Americana.

The Two Egg Downtown Historic District is located in the heart
of beautiful Two Egg, Florida. To reach the community from
Interstate 10 and U.S. 90, take State Highway 69 north to Two
Egg. Watch for the Two Egg signs and turn right on the next
paved road.

From State Highway 71, turn east on State Highway 69 in
Greenwood and follow the highway to Two Egg. Watch for the
Two Egg sign and then turn left on Green Road.

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Downtown Historic District
Two Egg, Florida
The historic crossroads and old store buildings in
downtown Two Egg have been the center of life in
the community for many decades.
Historic Pittman Store
This historic structure was once a center of life and
activity in Two Egg. Along with the rival Lawrence
store across the road, it was an anchor of the
community's downtown district.
Two Egg, Florida
The last of the original Two Egg stores to operate
as a business, the Lawrence Store was a popular
stop for visitors looking for souvenirs and
information on the history of the community.
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